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Day Care

Monday - Thursday

08:00 - 17:15 O'clock

Suitable for

  • Young dogs from the age of 11 months

  • Happy senior dogs

  • Healthy and well socialised dogs of all dog breeds

  • Regular customers


We look after your four-legged friend during the day and go for extensive walks with him. During lunch time we are in our comfortably equipped dog lounge. There the fur noses come to rest and mostly sleep. We will pick up your best friend from your home and bring him back there again after our 2nd walk in the afternoon. Satisfied and busy, he will be happy to see you at the end of your working day.


CHF 85

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Walk with us

Monday - Thursday
2 hours in the Morning

Suitable for 

  • Dog Enthusiasts

  • Dog Trainer

  • Dog Sitter

  • Individuals without a dog

  • Children at an age of 12 years

  • Students

  • Also possible as a gift

You would like to spend time with dogs, maybe do you even plan to buy a dog for yourself soon? Or do you just want to watch a dog sitter at work or learn how to walk with more than one dog? Then the walking with us is the right thing for you. Accompany us on a morning walk and learn from a professional dog sitter and trainer! I will explain everything about the different dog breeds to you. You get an insight into my day-to-day routine and also learn something about dog training.

This walk is only for people who want to join us WITHOUT a dog. Unfortunately we cannot let other dogs go with us, because you would concentrate too hard on your four-legged friend.


CHF 90


Holiday Care

Individual Dates

Overnight Stays

Suitable for

  • Regular customers of Rudelhunde.ch







Unfortunately I do not offer holiday care as I am actively involved in a dogschool, but my customers are looked after very competently and lovingly by my specially selected partners during the holidays. I always make myself a picture of them on site and know them very well.


On request

Day Schedule



We are a professional dog daycare. If you do not have time for your dog or
just want to offer him a happy day in a pack feel free to contact us.

❤ 8:00 - 09:15 

Pick-up service in our professionally equipped dog-mobile


❤ 9:30 - 11:30 

Morning walk of about 1.5 to 2 hours in the woods outside of Zurich with focus on learning and walking


❤ 11:30 - 14:00 

Lunch break and rest period in our dog lounge 


❤ 14:30 - 15:30 

Afternoon walk outdoors with focus on playing and running


❤ from 15:30 onwards 

We bring your dog back to your home or workplace


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About Us


Jennifer Swirta

  • CEO

  • Chief Dog Walker

  • Dog Trainer & Co-Founder at Rudelhunde Dog School Zurich

  • Prevent A Bite Campaign Canton of Zurich

I grew up with dogs since I was a child and have always appreciated them as friends, family members and even teachers about life. So far, I have been able to raise five dogs and have loved watching their development. I would like to share my knowledge about dogs with you. Therefore, Rudelhunde stands for conscientious working with dogs and the full care of your loved dog. Taking care of them and providing them with a second home when you are at work, that's what I stand for. On top of that, your four-legged friend is also learning during our day and he and you as the owner will benefit from staying with us.

Foto 04.02.19, 10 06 35.jpg

Sir Lucky

  • Fox Red Labrador

  • Chief Happiness Officer 

  • Truffle Dog

  • Prevent A Bite-Campaign Canton of Zurich

Hi, my name is Lucky (actually Sir Lucky) and I am probably the most important and hard-working staff member. Every day I sacrifice myself for my pack, walk with them every walk and I am there for everyone. We play together, move a lot and at noon I finally get some rest with the other before I can play again in the afternoon. Sometimes I try to behave like a class clown, but most of the time I get caught by Jennifer and then I must behave again well. I enjoy my work very much and I found my dream job within Rudelhunde.

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Nicole Locher

  • Founder

  • Animal Rescue

  • Dog Trainer & Co-Founder at Rudelhunde Dog School Zurich


Dogs are my passion. By founding Rudelhunde back in 2013, a lifelong dream came true. Now I am actively involved in animal rescue in Portugal and look after dogs who need my help. 



❤ Certodog® Hundeinstruktor HIK-1

FBA-Tierbetreuer I FBA-Züchter

Certodog® Dogsitter/Dogwalker



❤ First Aid Course for Dogs

Theory & Praxis


❤ FBA Fachspezifische berufsunabhängige Ausbildung für
Betreuungspersonal in Tierheimen mit max. 19 Betreuungsplätzen




Participants in the bite prevention campaign from the Canton of Zurich with Lucky


❤ Welpenentwicklung & Fachgerechte Welpenspielstunden

med. vet. Celina Del Amo, Verhaltenstierärztin (Autorin zahlreicher Bücher über Welpen- / Hundeerziehung)


❤ Praktischer Tierschutz und Hund

med. vet. Marie-Louise Bienfait (Amtliche Tierärztin, Leiterin Bereich Hundewesen)


❤ Hund im Recht

Referenten der Stiftung Tier im Recht


❤ Grundlagentraining über positive Belohnung

Pascale Groner


 Orthopädie beim Hund

Referent Vetsuisse Fakultät, Universität Zürich


 Gesundheit des Hundes

Dr. med. vet. Christof Haab


 Ethologie und Ausdrucksverhalten

Dr. med. vet. Christina Sigrist



Dr. med. vet. Christina Sigrist



Dr. med. vet. Christina Sigrist


 Rudel- & Mehrhundehaltung

Sonja Doll Hadorn, Dipl. Zoologin / Ethologin


 Betreuung und Pflege von Hunden

Dr. med. vet. Christof Haab


❤ 1.5 years traineeship
a Dog School


 Tiertransport und Reisen

Sandra Müller, Eidg. dipl. Tierpflegerin


 Betrieb einer Hundepension

Sandra Müller, Eidg. dipl. Tierpflegerin


 Hilfsmittel im Hundetraining

Pascale Groner


 Grundlagen der Fütterung, Rohfütterung / BARF

Dr. med. vet. Kerstin Gerstner


 Normalverhalten versus Problemverhalten des Hundes

med. vet. Angelik Wolf, Verhaltenstierärztin


 Verhalten des Hundes

med. vet. Angelik Wolf, Verhaltenstierärztin



Dr. med. vet. Marlene Zähner



Dr. med. vet. Marlene Zähner


 Gestaltung von Gruppentraining auf dem Hundeplatz am Beispiel einer Familienhundegruppe

Pascale Groner


 Gestaltung von Gruppentraining im öffentlichen Bereich am Beispiel eines Lernspazierganges

Pascale Groner



Why Rudelhunde?

❤ We are registered with the Veterinary department and we constantly visit seminars to educate ourselves.

❤ Each dog has its own box in the car and also in the dog lounge every dog has enough space to relax.


❤ We do not support bullying of dogs and we let all dogs play under controlled supervision.


❤ The optimal care of the dogs is in the foreground. Therefore, we only care for a maximum of 5-7 dogs per person depending on the knowledge and behavior of the group.


❤ We are trained in handling dogs in groups. At the same time we give every dog ​​a lot of attention and love.


❤ We avoid the typical dog-sitter places and have found an environment for us in which we can focus all our attention on your darling.


❤ In our dog lounge, after an active walk, we take care that every dog can rest after an active morning walk before we go out for a second walk.


❤ Smaller groups allow us to keep shuttle times short, so your pet does not have to spend too much time in the car and has more of the day.


❤ We create transparency on our social media (Instagram & Facebook). There you can follow our daily routine and watch us at our work.


 Wufftphone: 079 915 33 35 

 Wuffmail: info@rudelhunde.ch 

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